Podcast Air Date: January 15, 2021


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 117 - Ellie Brown - evREwares

Ellie is a relentlessly driven woman who has never met a stranger. She has spent the past four years with Beautycounter where she focuses on education people about the products we put on our bodies every day — offering solutions for clients, advocating for more health protective laws, and empowering women.

Her experience with evREwares allowed her to rethink her "WHY" and to carve the way to her dream job. "I learned so much through this journey. Ultimately people aren't necessarily buying your product. They are buying into YOU and your 'why'. Know your 'why' and have an unrelenting belief in yourself first. Be committed and be authentic. Be a resource, not a sales pitch."

"A couple of the areas of concern for us were our price point at the time and current year sales (due to some health challenges in the family)."
Two areas of concern going into the Tank

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Company Profile

CoatChex started the "old fashioned way" as coat checkers using paper claim tickets. Guests know that checking their items means probably losing their ticket, experiencing long lines, and maybe lost or damaged items. They know it means frustrated customers, unclaimed items, and lost revenue. It shouldn't be this hard. Derek knew there had to be a better way. CoatChex makes it possible for the hospitality industry and entertainment venues to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

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