Podcast Air Date: January 4, 2021


Series 4: Survivor

Ep. 110 - Tom Laidlaw - Island of the Idols

The first Canadian to play on Survivor, Tom initially found himself on the outs on Day 1, but managed to integrate himself into the Lairo tribe, allowing him to make it to the Tribe Switch. After losing the first Immunity Challenge after the switch, however, Tom was voted out by the original Vokai majority on the new Lairo tribe, believing that he had the strongest connections with his original tribe.

"I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed actually playing the game. Jeff Probst at one point during one challenge said to me, 'Sort of tough, isn't it?' And I said, 'No, I'm having fun, this is unbelievable.'"
Tom loved every minute on Survivor

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