Podcast Air Date: December 21, 2020


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 99 - Travis Perry - Chord Buddy

Entrepreneur Travis Perry developed a system will teach anyone how to play a guitar in two months with his guitar learning system. You don’t need a teacher, just a guitar, the Chord Buddy, a DVD player, and the lesson book.

He got big laughs when he said he was from “LA – Lower Alabama,” but it was his sincere and heartfelt personality and desire to create a musical education product that landed him a deal with Robert Herjavec.

"Shark Tank changed my life in many ways, certainly financial security but it's not all a bed of rose. We went from selling 200k to 2 or 3 million immediately and expectations raise quickly as investors need to see next level of success."
Shark Tank can change your life - Travis tells us how

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