Podcast Air Date: Monday, December 21



Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 97 - Lisa Nguyen - Baubles and Soles

Kids grow like weeds and constantly need new items. Lisa Nguygen felt the frustration of continually buying new shoes for different occasion when she decided, why can’t you have one shoe for many occasions? Baubles + Soles was created so that kids can have one pair of shoes that they can personalize depending on mood and occasion. This company is sustainable, fun, and affordable. No wonder why Daymond jumped at this deal!

"I always dreamed of being on Shark Tank, it's become very iconic. I was very intentional about being there and it was part of our plan from very early on."
Lisa had a clear plan that included appearing on Shark Tank as a part of accelerating her business

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Company Profile

One shoe from Playground to Party. Made in USA, machine washable and fully recyclable interchangeable shoes for kids.

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