Podcast Air Date: December 18, 2020


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 94 - Ashley Jung & Paige Walker - Stella Valle

Sisters, West Point Graduates, Veterans, Business Partners, Designers, and BFFs.

They started Stella Valle in 2009 after graduating from West Point and serving in the military. As much as they were capable of getting their hands dirty in the Army,they had a passion for fashion and design and were determined to follow their dreams.

The genesis for their unique charm jewelry came when Ashley gifted Paige an outdated charm bracelet for graduation from West Point. While Paige was grateful for the gift, the piece and the style didn't resonate with her. At that point, they knew we needed to create more stylish charm jewelry for young women. They set out to revolutionize outdated charm jewelry, keeping the meaning and personalization, while updating the style, and incorporating inspiration. Their Charm Jewelry Reimagined pieces are simple, yet meaningful and inspirational, and are designed to be stacked and layered as a reminder of the things that inspire you to follow your dreams every day!

"For the original airing date we had rented a nice restaurant in NYC. We were so excited to air and thought we would get drunk and celebrate. We ended up getting drunk in sorrow, not knowing if we would ever air."
The night of their original airing - Breaking News takes over regular programming and Shark Tank doesn't air - listen to what happened that night.

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Company Profile

Ashley and Paige have numerous achievements as entrepreneurs and designers. They were selected to be members of The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) for their creativity and design aesthetic. Paige was selected as Forbes' 30 Under 30 in the Art and Fashion category while Ashley was selected as an Adweek's Rising Brand Star. The brand has been universally recognized by major fashion and entrepreneur magazines as one to watch.

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