Podcast Air Date: November 16, 2020


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 76 - Don Halpern - Loctote

Don Halpern is the Founder of LOCTOTE® and Inventor of the Flak Sack. An adventurous spirit with blue-collar beginnings, he has taken on various challenges throughout his life.

From participating in the down hill luge at the X-Games, to building and selling several consultancy firms, to travelling several million miles along the way, Don throws himself at a problem without thinking too far ahead.

Underneath the 27 years of corporate management experience lies a mad scientist who likes to create simple and practical solutions to real people's problems.

Having selected the team at Nolk Enterprise Inc. as the heir to the LOCTOTE® brand, Don now enjoys doing what he does best — coming up with crazy, and sometimes viable, inventions.

"It didn't take to long for both of us (Loctote and Robert) to see that we werent aligned with where we wanted to take the company. We walked away on very good terms and friends but we didnt do the deal."

On doing post-Tank due diligence

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Company Profile

LOCTOTE® was founded in 2015 by hands-on, hardworking folks who wanted to create hand-crafted, hard-wearing goods. To this day our pursuit remains simple - we engineer the world's toughest bags that are designed to protect the belongings you can't afford to lose. Our slash proof carry solutions feature durable technical components that are built for active lives, helping you to live more and worry less.

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