Podcast Air Date: October 23, 2020


Series 4: Survivor

Ep. 62 - Jonny Fairplay - Pearl Island/Micronesia

Famous for his “Dead Grandma” lie, Jonny started with the manipulation early in the show. His approach on Pearl Island was touted as cutthroat and deceitful, helping him make it to the final three.

He later lost the Immunity Challenge to Lillian Morris and she voted him out one day short of the Final Tribal Council.

Returning for Survivor: Micronesia he was caught in between two alliances. However after losing the Immunity Challenge he asked to be voted out so he could go home to his pregnant girlfriend. His tribe mates honored his wish.

Jonny currently lives in Los Angeles and works as an art consultant.

"Jeff and I are good. We have been in touch and it's very amicable and I look forward to seeing him in the very near future."
Jonny speaking about his fragile relationship with Jeff Probst

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