Podcast Air Date: October 16, 2020


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 53 - Allison DeVane - Teaspressa

Allison DeVane is the founder and owner of Teaspressa, a leading gourmet beverage company and producer of the only coffee and tea hybrid beverage available in the U.S.

DeVane started as a coffee lover but experienced frequent headaches and side effects from drinking coffee, inspiring her to create a solution. With more than 10 years of experience in the beverage industry, DeVane launched Teaspressa in 2015 with her patented brewing machine and proprietary "coffee inspired tea" blends — a new tea profile that embodies the rituals and characteristics of coffee, but with all natural, healthy loose leaf tea.

With her mission to find a healthy alternative to coffee, DeVane handcrafted the first gourmet beverage that combines the best of the coffee and tea worlds. She is an inaugural member of The Tory Burch Foundation's Business Fellowship Program. She is also a member of Intuit's Small Business QuickBooks Council and works on Capitol Hill for small business legislation

"I knew I was very early but I applied and got on. I wasn't going to let it pass. I learned a lot and my business is better because of it."
Allison's feelings about going on the Tank

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Company Profile

Featured on Shark Tank in 2016, Teaspressa is the first and only beverage that is a hybrid of tea and coffee, resulting in a healthy alternative to traditional caffeine drinks. Using a patented production process, Teaspressa is concentrated tea that contains as much caffeine as an espresso shot, but provides consumers the health benefits of traditional tea blends. Allison DeVane, founder and owner of Teaspressa, created Teaspressa's proprietary Tea Concentration Technology that uses a pressure extraction method to produce tea blends that, like espresso, can be used to make Tea Lattes, tea-based drinks that are comparable to gourmet coffee beverages.

Teaspressa's loose leaf Signature Tea Blends not only have the same consistency as coffee, but can be brewed at home like coffee too. Teaspressa also has a LUXE Sugar Cube Flavor Collection that instantly flavors your coffee or tea for DIY barista-inspired gourmet drinks.

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