Podcast Air Date: October 5, 2020


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 36 - Donald Lee & Matthew Griffin - Combat Flip Flops

Flip flops with a mission? Sounds like a crazy concept but for Combat Flip Flops Co-founder, Matt Griffin this was his dream.

His idea was sparked from his four tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan where he witnessed first-hand the positive impact of economic growth on the population.

After leaving the military, Matt teamed up with former ranger Donald Lee “Lee”. Together they arranged for products outsourced to factories and individuals in dangerous areas to be sold in America.

Their presentation on Shark Tank tugged at all the sharks' heartstrings. There was much back-and-forth but eventually Matt and Lee made a deal with Daymond, Mark, and Lori for $300,000 and 30% of the company.

"In war when you come up on a dead enemy combatant you toss a red chem light on them, to ID their location. So when Kevin went out, he was dead to us so we marked him." (Lee walked up and handed Kevin a red glow stick.)
On one of the greatest moments in Shark Tank history

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Company Profile

As of 2020, they are still holding true to their core values and mission, supporting charities and carrying out their dream of helping others.

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