Podcast Air Date: February 19, 2021


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 142 - Maneesh Sethi – Pavlok

The epitome of what it means to be a life hacker, Maneesh Sethi went to travel the world using hacked plane tickets shortly after graduating from Stanford University. He created his website, Hack the System, with the intention of showing his readers how to achieve the lifestyle of their dreams (and teaching them how to get free plane tickets).

His latest project, Pavlok, is a little magical device that allows you to gain or break a habit you want to within 72 hours with a 90% success rate (and a 45% success rate in 24% hours).

"I didn't anticipate Mark Cuban's reaction after I was done presenting. Mark is the leader and the rest are followers so the room immediately changed. The tone changed and it was tough for me to defend."
Maneesh was shocked by Mark's dismal of his products and how others followed him

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Company Profile

Pavlok is a wearable device uses vibration and sensory/neural stimulation to reward good habits and stop unwanted cravings. It automatically tracks gestures, actions, and behaviors you do throughout the day. Pair Pavlok with the app to visualize your progress, use advanced routine-form.

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