Podcast Air Date: February 15, 2021


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 140 - Desiree Vargas Wrigley - Pearachute

Desiree is an innovative problem-solver who loves building businesses that matter. She started Pearachute to solve a need she had personally, which was that as a busy mom, she wanted an easy way to spend more quality time with her children during these fleeting years. She wanted to feel more present with them during the time she had and she wanted to make sure she was doing things that connected her to friends and our community.

Previously, she co-founded GiveForward, one of the world's first crowdfunding platforms. Over her seven years there, she helped hundreds of thousands of families raise more than $190 million and at its peak had 1/10th of U.S. adults visiting her site annually. She learned so much through her multiple rounds of funding (Angel, series A, venture debt, and strategic), and she is grateful for the opportunity to take those lessons to those she mentors and to her next adventures.

Desiree is passionate about how technology can make the world a smaller and more connected place. She subscribes to the belief that every one of us can take small actions that change someone's world. As a believer in the Conscious Capitalism movement, she's deeply committed to maximizing stakeholder value and creating a workplace that elevates every team member. She's an active mentor to other entrepreneurs and enjoy sharing the lessons she's learned along the way as a panelist or keynote speaker.

"I'm always trying to improve and get better and I realize sometimes I need to take the time to celebrate the successes. I was speaking to one of my co-founders and he mentioned 30 million new visitors to the site. I thought that's pretty impressive — almost 10% of the population in the USA."
Purpose driven entrepreneurs are always looking to improve, Desiree recognized one area...

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Company Profile

Pearachute is a monthly membership club that makes it easy for parents and caregivers to discover, book, and drop into the best kids’ activities in your city. We create opportunities to bring families together in a way they never could before. Now dads can drop into basketball classes with their kids and moms can book parent/child coding classes–all at the touch of a button, all for one affordable monthly rate.

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