Podcast Air Date: February 12, 2021


Series 4: Survivor

Ep. 139 - Erik Reichenbach

Erik entered the game in Micronesia as a longtime Survivor superfan, often finding himself in awe of playing with castaways he had previously watched on the show. He eventually became the last man standing after all the others had been eliminated by the cutthroat Black Widow Brigade, seemingly set on making it to the final four after winning individual immunity. However, he was goaded into handing his Immunity Necklace to Natalie Bolton by the Black Widow Brigade, who then promptly voted him out. This is widely considered to be one of the dumbest moves in Survivor history.

In Caramoan, Erik returned to the Fans vs. Favorites format as a Favorite. He again made it deep into the game due to his low-profile strategy allowing him to hide behind the more bombastic personalities in the Stealth R Us alliance, finding himself the swing vote at several crucial Tribal Councils. However, he was medically evacuated from the game at the final five due to low blood pressure, ending his game prematurely.

"I was in a very emotional state of social pressure to act in a certain way and I was not prepared to do that. I was sleep-deprived and malnourished and thought maybe giving up the idol was the move I needed to make. When I saw the people snickering at Tribal council I knew I was in trouble."
How can Erik give up his immunity idol, he has a plausible explanation

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