Podcast Air Date: February 8, 2021


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 136 - Tom Burden - Grypmat

Tom was an F-16 weapons mechanic and when working on top of the fighter jet he wgot tired of my tools sliding off of the aircraft. So he decided he could fix the problem, but didn't quite yet have a solution.

While sitting in his mom's car later he noticed she had a nonslip mat to hold her phone in place while driving. That's when he realized he could use the same idea to hold tools on the jet.

After prototyping in his basement for three years and selling my house to fund his dream, Tom came up with the Grypmat, a flexible non-slip tool tray that gives mechanics a safe, close location to set tools.

Tom started selling to the aviation industry and then quickly grew into the automotive, military, marine, motorcycle, and many other markets.

"You need to have continuity in your story. A firemen who creates a product to get more water to a fire makes sense. I had a product that solved a problem while working as a jet mechanic. That made sense to the Sharks."
Most important for new entrepreneurs to have when presenting their story is...

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