Podcast Air Date: January 25, 2021


Series 5: Hell's Kitchen

Ep. 128 - Brian Merel

Brian was the funniest contestant of that season, as he often tried to lighten the atmosphere through jokes and impressions (including impressions of Ramsay and randomly breaking into clean-spoken Spanish), had great confidence, and extremely passionate to boot, with an exceptional palate as well. In the kitchen, he had a decent start and was one of the strongest chefs on the blue team as he does not usually get kicked out of services.

He was a nice guy and he developed friendships with most of his teammates, especially a strong one with Justin (which became a running joke among competitors). Despite this, he had clashes with Robyn due to the former's attitude and had a dislike towards Clemenza due to the latter's inconsistency and messy behavior but got along with him from time to time. He was one of a few people to tolerate Royce's arrogance and inconsistencies.

Brian has been sober since March 20, 2007.

"A mark of a great chef is fluidity as it relates to his movement. In the kitchen he doesn't waste any movements. Every move has a purpose and flows through — he's very impressive."

Brian describes why he thinks Ramsey is an amazing Chef

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