Podcast Air Date: September 22, 2020


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 12 - Scott Jordan - ScotteVest

An ex-corporate lawyer with a hectic life, verging on crazy. Working long hours and traveling too often, I was having a hard time keeping everything organized. The world was giving us amazing new gadgets to make our lives better, and the world of fashion was light years behind the ever-changing technology.

One day while running through Chicago's O'Hare airport trying to catch my flight, my headphone wire got caught on a door knob and it practically pulled out my ear lobe. I called my wife, Laura, and told her about it. She said "I'm sick of carrying your stuff around when you're in town and now you nearly lost your ear at the airport. You need a vest or something for all your crap." That's how eVEST, the first digitally native brand to sell clothing was born.

I was on Shark Tank, and turned down $1 million in offers. The creative editing painted me as more of a villain, but I have no regrets because I was able to take what the Sharks dished out and give it right back to them.

"55 minutes of taping and would have went longer if I didnt walk out. I wanted to tape the whole thing but that wouldnt been allowed. After I said your out and your out, I didnt leave — what they didnt show is I went left to right and shook everyones hand."
Listen to what happens when he gets to Robert and hear what Robert tells him

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Company Profile

The SCOTTeVEST smart clothing provides you with a way to carry all the things necessary to you on your person, with many pockets, perfectly distributed weight balance, no bulges, and quick, convenient access to them. We call it Pocket Science!

Our gear is perfect for outdoor activities, people with a mobile lifestyle, those who travel, and anyone who needs to pack a big number of items daily.

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