Podcast Air Date: January 15, 2021


Series 4: Survivor

Ep. 118 - Edna Ma - Survivor: South Pacific

Despite constantly being ostracized by her Upolu tribemates, Edna was a member of The Family at Coach Wade's behest. Late in the game, Edna attempted to sway Albert Destrade and Sophie Clarke into blindsiding Brandon Hantz due to his mercurial personality. This failed however, as she was the first voted out for being untrustworthy when the alliance was forced to turn on each other, and lost the subsequent duel to Ozzy Lusth.

"You don't know where the tribal council is — you travel in a blacked-out van (windows are covered) and you can't speak to each other."
The integrity of the game should not be questioned — listen how you travel to Tribal Council

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