Podcast Air Date: January 4, 2021


Series 2: Shark Tank

Ep. 108 - Ryan Naylor - Esso Watches

Esso Watches were ionized wristwatches that claim to improve your body's energy field.

Now branded TAGI Gear, the company currently sells TAGI watches that are made of silicone and still claim to be equipped with negative ion technology, although such claims appear to have taken a backseat to the aesthetic appeal of the watches. There are two TAGI watch models: a digital version and an analog version. Both are water resistant and available in a number of fun color choices.

"A couple hours before my episode airing on Shark Tank, Clay (Executive Producer) called me and said 'Your episode tonight doesn't paint you in the best light. You're a good guy and I wanted to give you a heads up'. I was driving in my car while on the phone and turned down my street to see a line of cars — my wife had a surprise airing party for me."
An unexpected call from a Shark Tank producer right before airing — and that wasn't the worst part.

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